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Universal Joint - Black
6Modular type universal joint, requires inserts to complete.
Mini Coupling Sleeve 2-2.3mm
7Mini Coupling Sleeve 2-2.3mm
Length: 15mm
Outer Diameter: 6mm
Plain Coupling Insert 2mm
62mm Plain Insert, Includes grub screw.
Plain Coupling Insert 2.3mm

22.3mm Plain Insert, Includes grub screw
Plain Coupling Insert 3mm
23mm Plain Insert, Includes grub screw.
Plain Coupling Insert 3.2mm
23.2mm Plain Insert, Includes grub screw.
Plain Coupling Insert 4mm

2M4 Threaded Insert.
Plain Coupling Insert 5mm

M5 Threaded Insert.
Allen Key 1.5mm A/F
1Allen key for use with the universal coupling inserts.
Grub Screw M3x3mm
Spare grub screw M3x3mm to fit the coupling inserts.
0.15mm Clear PVC Sheet
1.15mm Raboesch Clear PVC Sheet 194x320mm
MFA 540/550/600 Motor Mount Bracket
190 deg Metal bracket for 540/550/600 complete with screws.
Water Scoop Set Plastic
1Radioactive water scoop & Outlet Set - Smart black lightweight scoop and outlet with brass nuts.
Graupner Silicone Tubing 4mm - 1 m
1Transparent, highly kink-resistant, with high flexibility, even at low temperatures.
OD 7mm, ID 4mm. Sold in individual metre lengths.
Balance Lead Tidy/Saver 2S

Radio Active 100mm (4in) Shaft/Tube 3Bl 30mm Prop

2A brass tube with glass filled nylon bearings and 2mm shaft.
Coupling insert required: 2mm Plain
3 Bladed Propeller RH 25mm M2

3 Bladed Propeller RH 25mm - Pitch 21mm
Plastic M2 Thread.
3 Bladed Propeller RH 30mm M2

13 Bladed Propeller RH 30mm - Pitch 16mm
Plastic M2 Thread.
3 Bladed Propeller RH 40mm M4

13 Bladed Propeller RH 40mm - Pitch 21mm
Plastic M4 Thread.
Micro Rudder Brass 33x22m

2Brass rudder rivited to brass rudder post. Glass filled nylon outer bearing, brass nut and washer, rubber sealing ring, glass-filled tiller arm with clamp fitting.

Size: Micro
Sleeve Length 40mm
Post Length 50mm
Blade 33x22mm
M2 Rod 200mm w/M2 thread end

Threaded Coupler M2 Thread - 2mm Rod

8M2 threaded cable link adaptors for use with trace, screwed rods, bowden cable & M2 clevises. For rod diameter 2mm
Clevis with Pin M2Clevis with Pin M2

Clevis with pin. Nickle-plated, with female M2 thread.

Spring steel shanks with 1.5 mm diameter. pin. Thread M2.
Deluxe Materials Liquid Gravity Metal Shot Ballast

3M Dual Lock

4 x Pieces (250mm x 25mm)
Säkringshållare Mini kabel
Säkringshållare MIDI fast
Turnigy Transmitter Bag / Carrying Case

Inner Dimensions: 290x190x100mm
Weight: 450g
HXT 4mm to XT-60 Battery Adapter

2This adapter will convert a HXT 4mm equipped battery to a XT-60 Plug for use with an XT-60 equipped ESC or an XT-60 Charge lead.
Male XT60 Connectors

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