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Motor Torpedo Boat T52

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This is T52, a Swedish Motor Torpedo Boat


Lenght: 340mm (14 inch)
With: 80 mm

T52 is a 1:70 scale model of the Swedish Motor Torpedo Boat Class T42. This kit was manufacured by Sigurd Isacson, more than 50 years ago. I have bought two of those kits, which I now will try to build.

T52 is a Motor Torpedo Boat (MTB). It was built in 1959 at Kockums. With her V-bottom, she also represented the most advanced and modern MTB series.

Motor Torpedo Boat T52

Type: Motor Torpedo Boat
Class: T42
Vessel number: T52

Kockums Shipyard - launched in 1959

Technical data
Length: 23 m
Width: 5.9 m
Draft: 1.4 m
Displacement: 45 tons
Machines: 3 pcs Isotta Fraschini IF184C, each of 1,500 hp and 2 Ford V8 85 Hp
Speed: 45 knots
Crew: 16

2 x 53 cm torpedos or 4 x mines
40 mm antiaircraft gun Bofors m/36
2 x double machine guns m/36
57 mm flares on the foredeck
Depth charges

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