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Turnigy AquaStar 3520-1700KV Water Cooled Brushless Outrunner Motor

RPM/V: 1700KV (7.4 V=12 600 rpm)
Max Voltage: 14.8v (4S)
Max Current: 50A
Max Watts: 750w
Resistance: 0.021ohm
No Load Current: 1.2A
Diameter: 35.4mm (Actual Motor Diameter)
Length: 62mm
Shaft Size: 5mm
Shaft Length: 14.5mm
Weight: 188g
Number: 1
Turnigy D3536/5 1450KV Brushless Outrunner Motor

Battery: 2~4 Cell /7.4~14.8V
RPM: 1450kv (7.4 V=10 700 rpm)
Max current: 45A
No load current: 3.5A
Max power: 655W
Internal resistance: 0.023 ohm
Weight: 102g (including connectors)
Diameter of shaft: 5mm
Dimensions: 35x36m
Prop size: 7.4V/9x6 14.8V/8x4
Max thrust: 1380g
Number: 1
Graupner JUMBO 540

Diameter: 35mm
Length without shaft: 56mm
Shaft: 9mm
Shaft diameter: 3,2mm (with spacer sleeve for couplings of 4mm diameter)
Weight: 166g
Voltage range: 3-6V
Rated voltage: 6V
Idle speed: 13500 rpm
No-load current consumption: 1,2 A
Max. Current consumption: 4,5 A
Efficiency: 64%
Number: 2
MFA RE-380 3-Pole DC Motor

Diameter: 27.5mm
Length without shaft: 44.5mm
Shaft: 12.5mm
Shaft diameter: 2.3mm
Weight: 69g
Voltage range: 3-7.2V
Rated voltage: 7.2V
Idle speed: 19000 rpm
No-load current consumption: 1,0 A
Max. Current consumption: 4,41 A
Efficiency: 62%
Number: 1
MFA RE-360 3-Pole DC Motor

Operating Voltage: 6 to 15 volts.
Current approx.: 0.5A at max efficiency.
RPM at 12.0v: 8320 at max efficiency.
Weight: 51g (approx)
Shaft Diameter: 2.3mm
Number: 1
MFA RE-140/1 3-Pole DC Motor

Operating Voltage: 3 to 9 volts.
Current approx.: 0.2A at max efficiency 6v.
RPM at 6.0v: 7071at max efficiency.
Dimensions: can size 25mm long x 21mm width
Weight: 20g (approx)
Shaft Diameter: 2.0mm
Number: 2
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